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Carnivore Diet And Berries: It Works Well For Me

In this post I discuss how the Carnivore Diet and berries are working very well for me, and why I include this fruit in my diet.

The Carnivore Diet and berries make a weird combination. However, it works well for me. And probably it will work for you. I know eating this way doesn’t make me a “true” carnivore because I’m eating fruit, but I still wanted to write about how berries help me in this diet.

Carnivore Diet And Berries: How Does It Work For Me?

I love berries: Be it strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries. I tend to eat them when they’re in seaon, but I will purchase them in frozen form too so I can eat them year-around.

The reason the Carnivore Diet and berries work for me because it soothes the sweet tooth I get occasionally. Een though I eat primarily meat I still get cravings for sweets. Horomones are probably to blame for that because I’m a woman. There are times of the month when a sweet craving hits me if you get my drift.

Also, berries are low in carbs, are low in calories, and have many nutritional benefits. They are moderately-high in vitamin C, Manganese, vitamin K, and contain some copper and folate.

Finally, I feel good eating berries and meat in the same meal. It’s kinda like a dessert.

Carnivore Diet And Berries: Why Did I Start Eating Like This?

A long time ago my digestion got weird. I soon discovered the problem was reintroducing other foods, like chips. Why did I start eating chips again? The craving hit me. And I do love a good crunch!

Well, I finally got tired of my worsening digestion so I decided to clean up my diet. Thus, I turned to the Carnivore Diet and berries.

Within a few days I saw results as I wasn’t as gassy and my body felt much better. Also, I really enjoy what I’m eating.

The major downside to eating this way is that berries can be expensive at times. Even purchasing the generic frozen kind will set me back several dollars at a store like Walmart. And I buy them often because I can go through a single small bag in a few days.

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