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AI Writing Books: Why I’m Not Worried About It

Many authors worry about AI writing books taking away their jobs. I'm not one of those authors. I explain why in this post.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular topic in the Technology Industry. Companies like Microsoft and Google spend billions of dollars on it. And there are more companies switching their business plan to improving the various AI technologies out there, or create their own version. In turn, the technology can do some fantastic things. One of those things is writing. And that worries some authors because AI writing books can cause job loss. If readers like the non-human writing then they may shift more of their dollars to those books. Thus, human writers find themselves out of a job, which is why they worry. Except me, and I’ll tell you why.

Why I Don’t Worry About AI Writing Books

The main reason why I don’t worry about AI writing books because the readers who want to read a good book will seek out a human authors. There are going to be readers who don’t care about a computer program using an algorithm to produce text on the screen or printed on a page. These readers only care about consuming content. That’s why we’re seeing an explosion in computer-generate art and images and music.

So my main focus is to continue writing because there is a customer-base wanting to read short stories and books and poetry and plays from humans. Because a computer program cannot replicate the human emotion we find in books. Oh, those algorithms can try, and they do, but they fail. Because the computer doesn’t have a human brain filled with emotions. And, yes, companies can train an algorithm to ingest human emotions in a sense. Yet, the computer cannot understand those emotions, let alone express them in text.

Finally, readers want to know the authors behind the works. They want to understand why the author wrote the book, or why the author created a character a certain way. Once they discover it’s thousands of servers talking together they’ll grow cold toward the book. Because there’s no life in the text. There’s no emotion within it. AI writing books is just imitation. It’s imitating how humans act and think and do. And while imitation is a form of flattery, it’s not when it comes from a machine.

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