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Intermittent Fasting While On The Carnivore Diet

Here's my experience with intermittent fasting while participating in the Carnivore Diet that I turned into a quick how-to guide.

You probably heard about intermittent fasting on YouTube or TikTok. And you definitely know a person or two who is actively participating in the action. In addition, you probably heard or even known someone doing the Carnivore Diet. Have you heard of a person doing both, however? If not, then let me introduce myself: I’m Brittany, and at one time I mixed intermitten fasting with the Carnivore Diet. I’ll write up my experiences below as a quick how-to guide that anyone can follow.

Intermittent Fasting And The Carnivore Diet: Start Slow

The easiest way to start intermittent fasting while on the Carnivore Diet is to start slow. All the research I did suggest easing yourself into this new way of eating instead of plunging right in.

The first way to ease in is to push back your first meal, which is usually breakfast. After getting up in the morning I delayed eating breakfast by an hour. I did this for an entire week. At the start of the next week I delayed eating breakfast by another hour. Then I did that for another week. I continued doing this for quite some time. This taught my body to get used to eating later. Now I don’t eat my first meal (breakfast) I until 11:30 am, but I can go as long as noon without too much of a problem.

Let’s talk about hunger. If you find yourself getting light-headed or just don’t feel good, then you need to break your fast. Sometimes our bodies can fast for long periods, but other times it cannot. Especially if your body is trying to heal itself after a tough workout or to battle a sickness.

When it’s time to eat you want to choose the right food. And since you’re on the Carnivore Diet that’s going to be meat and/or seafood, unless you want to do semi-Carnivore Diet. What is that? You eat primarily meat but also eat a little fruit or a little bread. In full disclosure I did not adhere 100% fully to the Carnivore Diet. Whatever method you choose you want to make the biggest part of your meal meat. It could be a steak, a bowl of ground meat, pieces of chicken, a few pork chops, a nice portion of salmon, or some other type of meat or seafood. Finally, choose a fatty cut of meat as this will keep you fuller longer. Thus, you can fast longer.

Intermittent Fasting While On The Carnivore Diet: Learn When You’re Dehydrated

When I was intermittent fasting while on the Carnivore Diet, I constantly ate. I would have breakfast, and then an hour later have a snack. And I would probably have another snack before eating lunch. I did that because I thought I was hungry. Turns out the problem was dehydration. I misinterpreted the signals from my body as hunger.

Thus, as you fast you need to learn the signs when you’re thirsty. For me, I get stomach pains, and sometimes my stomach gurgles. When that happens I go and drink water. And if I worked up a sweat I’ll add Pink Himalayan Salt to my water to replenish my electrolytes. Even if you don’t have any salt please drink enough water. Keep a water bottle around you if that will remind you to drink it.

Finally, Keep Yourself From Temptation

You’re probably going to fast while at work, which can be problematic because there’s always food at work. Someone brings in a cake to celebrate a birthday. Or a coworker went out for lunch, brought their food back, and it smells delicious! Whatever the reason, you must resist temptation!

At work I would take a break and go walk outside. Not only did I get away from the alluring food, but I got some exercise. However, many people work from home now and the tempting foods are usually on their counter or in their fridge. In that case I still suggest to go out and get some fresh air, but you can also stop buying those foods. This is difficult, however, if you live with other people who aren’t following the same diet as you.

Finally, if someone offers you food just be honest with them. I tell people I’m currently fasting and can’t eat at the moment. You’ll probably get questions, but don’t turn their questions into a big deal. Most people are curious and want to know why.

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