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Synthetic Beef: Why Do Billionaries Want People To Eat It?

Bill Gates wants us regular people to eat synthetic beef. So does Richard Branson. Why do these billionaires want us normal folk to give up eating delicious cows and chow down on lab-grown meat? They say it’s to combat climate change, but I think there’s other ominous reasons.

What Is Synthetic Beef?

What is synthetic beef? It’s lab-grown meat that tastes like beef and is supposed to provide a similar nutritional profile (if not the same) as real beef.

Is that the same as the meat used in Beyond Meat and Impossible Meat? No. Those plant-based meats use another protein, like pea protein, mixed with a bunch of fillers and flavors to replicate the taste and texture of meat. Synthetic beef would be grown in a lab using animal cells. Usually labs use stem cells from an adult cow by taking a muscle sample

After that there’s a bunch of science involved to make that sample multiply into other cell. From there, those cells become muscle fibers and stick together. Within a matter of weeks you got synthetic beef, which you could prepare and cook like real beef.

Why Do Billionaires Want Us To Eat Synthetic Beef?

Bill Gates worries about climate change and he wants to reverse it. He believes cows are one of the biggest culprits and wants society to switch from eating real beef to lab-grown beef to help reduce emissions. As for Richard Branson, he also worries about climate change, but he also believes that we should be kinder to animals and eat less real meat.

I don’t believe the climate change reason because cows aren’t even in the top 3 of carbon emitters in the United States. According to the EPA these are the top emitters:

  • Transportation (cars, ships, airplanes, etc.)
  • Electricity production
  • Industry (like factories burning fuel to produce goods)

Reading the EPA’s report further agriculture is dead last of top emitters. It ranks after Commercial and Residential uses. So if agriculture, which includes cows, is so low even according to the United States government then why are billionaires so concerned?

Billionaires Want To Make Money

I believe the real reason billionaires want us to eat synthetic beef so they can make money. Plant-based meat is very popular right now. Fast food restaurants offer one or more plant-based meat options. Even KFC has plant-based chicken!

Because of this billionaires see there’s a potential market for fake beef. They invested in companies working to make it. And to drum up support for this fake meat they scare people into eating it. That’s where the climate change angle comes in. Instill fear into the populace that cows are the enemy and are causing the Earth to heat up. Then tell these people they can still enjoy beef, but save the planet by eating synthetic beef. Price the meat below the price of real beef and now consumers will be more apt to try it. And with beef prices being at an all-time high I think more consumers would take a chance on eating lab-grown meat.

Would I eat it? Heck no! I’ll continue to eat real beef and all other real meat no matter the price.

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