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Porterhouse Steak, I Love You Dearly

Porterhouse steak is the best steak cut period! I am ready to debate anyone, anywhere about my love for this steak cut!

My favorite steak cut is the porterhouse steak. I do love T-bone steaks too, but the porterhouse cut has more of that tender filet attached so it wins out. I know, I know, people love ribeye steaks. And while that cut is tasty it’s too fatty for me. Plus, I love the beef flavor, which porterhouse steak provides.

Why I Love Porterhouse Steak Dearly

First off, this cut is usually sliced thick, which makes it the perfect steak for grilling. There’s nothing like cutting into a thick steak after it came off the grill. The feel of your knife slicing through the thick meat, the heft you feel as you pick it up with your fork (or fingers), the bounciness of the meat, oh boy! Now I want a steak.

Second, the taste of this cut isn’t matched by any other cut. A porterhouse steak is what steak should taste like: Beefy goodness.

Finally, I love the marbling of the fat throughout the meat. To me, that’s what makes this cut of steak stand above all others. The melding of the meat and fat as it cooks.

How I Typically Cook My Porterhouse Steak

As of the past several months I got a Weber charcoal grill so I’ve been grilling my steaks. Yes, I grill any time of the year, even when it’s freezing outside. My brother is the same way. We got that trait from our grandfather who would grill almost everyday at his shop.

However, if I can’t grill my steak I will fry it up in my Lodge cast iron skillet for a few minutes on each side before placing it in the oven for a few more minutes. I eat my usually medium, however I can be off with my timing sometimes and cook the steak medium-rare. Especially if the butcher cuts the steak very thick. I don’t mind when that happens because I’ll eat medium-rare.

When it comes to seasonings I keep it simple: Salt and pepper. I know some people don’t like to put the latter on the steak until after it cooks because pepper can burn and cause a bad taste. Yet, I still put a little on there. Finally, I don’t use any steak sauce on my steaks. I haven’t done that in years. A properly-cooked steak doesn’t need a sauce. The salt and pepper brings out the flavor of the meat which is truly delicious!

Want To Win My Heart?

Some women love flowers, while others swoon over diamonds. Neither of those impress me. If you want to win my heart then treat me to a steak dinner.

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