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Coworker Appreciation Goes A Long Way

Coworker appreciation goes a long way because many coworkers don't get any thanks, not even when they go above and beyond.

I want to talk about coworker appreciation because of a thought that came to me while I drove around early Sunday afternoon. My thought was to formally thank two of my coworkers for the outstanding working they did to help a troubled project. Then a new thought came to me about my original thought: How do thank these coworkers. Oh yes, I could tell them thank you face-to-face, which I already did, but my employer has a formal thanking system in place. And I decided to use that system come Monday morning.

Take A Moment To Enact Some Type Of Coworker Appreciation At Your Office

Yes, I want my reads to enact some type of coworker appreciation at your office. You could do one of the following:

  • During a team meeting congrat a coworker who helped you out with a task or project.
  • Send an email to your manager to thank a coworker and explain what happened.
  • In the company chat call out a coworker by name thanking that person for helping you.
  • Treat a coworker who helped you to lunch, or bring in their favorite snack.

By doing one or more of these suggestions you will make that coworker feel appreciated. Sadly, many coworkers don’t get any thanks, even when they go above and beyond. In turn, that causes them to pull away and just do the bare minimum. Because why work hard when no one seems to care? I felt that way before, and I bet you have too.

Another reason to enact some type of coworker appreciation in the office is to create a culture of thanking everyone. And maybe a new system can be put into place where coworkers can formally submit their written appreciation for the entire company to see, instead of their team or department.

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