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Business Travel And Health: Tips To Stay Healthy On The Road

Let’s discuss business travel and health because I travel quite often for work, and staying healthy on the road is hard. Frequent flying or driving is tough on one’s body physically, which will impact one’s mental health. So how can a person traveling often for work keep in strong health? Allow me to provide the tips I use to stay healthy on the road.

Business Travel And Health Tip #1: Maintain An Eating And Sleeping Routine

When it comes to business travel and health my first tip is to maintain an eating and sleeping routine.

While it’s fine to indulge in some greasy fast food occassionally, or stay up late one night and get up early the next morning, do not make a habit of this. Because poor eating and sleeping habits will wear down your body faster. Improper nutrition doesn’t allow your body to function properly. And lack of sleep will slow down your body healing itself because the body does its major repair while sleeping.

So how can you maintain a good eating and sleeping routine while traveling for work? What I do is pick an accomodation that has a full-sized fridge if possible so I can buy groceries. I like to stay in Home2 Suites hotels because these come with a kitchenette including a full-sized fridge. Thus, I can purchase fruits and other nutritious food and keep those to eat for meals. As for sleep, I do my best to stay on my regular sleeping schedule. Usually that means preparing for bed right before 10pm, and definitely getting in bed with the lights out before 10:30pm.

Now, there are times I want to eat out. And when that desire hits I choose healthier options like Chipotle. Frankly, that’s usually my go-to because I can get a salad with protein and guacamole. Thus, I get to eat some healthy fats along with a fruit and veggies. If you don’t like Chipotle that’s fine. Just find a fast-food option offering nutritious food.

Business Travel And Health Tip #2: Get Some Exercise

The next tip for business travel and health is to get some exercise. Unfortunately, too many frequent travelers don’t because they may be tired, or don’t have access to a gym. Even if the hotel has a gym, sometimes it’s too busy or the equipment could be broken. Yet, this shouldn’t stop you from exercising, as I don’t let it stop me.

There are different exercises one can do outside a gym. One of those is walking. I walk quite a bit. Not only do I walk at work, I will find a trail near my hotel and walk it. Or I’ll travel to a nearby park and walk around there. Walking is a great exercise that isn’t too hard on the body or its joints, and doesn’t require any equipment (beside a good pair of walking shoes).

Now, what can you do if walking isn’t your jam, and you really want to use a gym? If your office has a gym use that. Another option is to join a gym offering entrancce to any of their locations in the country. Planet Fitness is a well-known chain in America offering access to any of their locations if a customer joins a specific plan.

Final Tip: Get Sunlight

The final tip I use to stay healthy on the road is to get sunlight.

We all need sunlight because our bodies need Vitamin D. That vitamin helps our body absorbs other nutrients, like calcium and magnesium. Vitamin D also helps with immune health and muscle function. So too little of it will negatively affect our body’s muscle function and immunity.

Getting enough sunlight per day can be difficult for business travelers because many of them spend too much time within offices. Thus, the only time they see the sun is during the early morning or later in the afternoon. That’s if they don’t commute to and from work before the sun rises or after it sets.

And getting sunlight in the morning or early evening isn’t the best time because we all need between 10 to 30 minutes of midday sun exposure. That’s why I like to take a walk outside during lunch, and then take another break during the early afternoon. Plus, it’s nice to get out of the office and get some fresh air.

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