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Keto On A Budget

Doing Keto on a budget is possible today even with high prices from inflation, and I tell you how using the tips I follow consistently.

Food prices are high now, I don’t need to remind you of that fact. And if you follow a different diet, like Keto, you can spend more at the grocery store. However, there are ways you can do Keto on a budget because I do. Heree’s a few ways I consistently follow so I don’t blow my food budget.

Keto On A Budget: Buy Conventionally-Raised Meat

When it comes to meat this is usually the most expensive food item in my list. That’s why when it comes to doing Keto on a budget I do buy and eat conventionally-raised meat.

This tip will make some people upset because there is a divide between eating just grass-fed/grass-finished beef and pastured-raise pork and chicken, and those who want to eat conventionally-raised meat. Yes, the grass-fed and pastured-raised meat and eggs do have more nutrition, but they are more expensive. Mostly because it takes longer to raise those animals to slaughter. So if you need to save some money it’s fine, in my opinion, to buy non-grass-fed and non-pastured-raised animals.

Now, in full disclosure, I do buy pasture-raised egg only because those eggs taste phenomenally better.

Use caution with this tip regarding fish and seafood because the farmed kind can be of poor quality. Unfortunately, some countries don’t use good feed and/or don’t have good farming practices. I only buy American-farmed or Atlantic-farmed fish and seafood. And stay away from fish and seafood farmed from Norway or Asian countries!

Keto On A Budget: Buy Frozen Vegetables In Bulk

Buying fresh produce is fantastic but it can be expensive. Thus, if you’re doing Keto on a budget buy frozen vegetables in bulk to save money.

Buying frozen veggies are usually cheaper than buying fresh produce, especially if you can catch a good sale. The steamable bags may not give you a good deal when comparing veggies in a non-steamable bag. It depends if you’re willing to save money because you don’t mind steaming your veggies on the stove.

And you usually get more food for your money. While you can buy a head of broccoli or a bunch of asparagus, you can get more in a bag in the frozen section. If you’re a member at Sam’s Club, BJs, or Costco you can buy huge bags of frozen veggies pretty reasonably.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about your vegetables spoiling because they’re already frozen. And these will keep in your freezer for months if not over a year.

Keto On A Budget: Consider Drinking Your Meals

Another tip for doing Keto on a budget is to consider drinking your meals. I know, I know, you shouldn’t drink your calories. In this case it’s fine because you’re going to drink a meal, not a soda or some non-nutritious drink.

So how can you drink a meal that will be good for you? By adding fat! Fat keeps us full longer, provides energy on the Keto Diet, and is pretty tasty. A popular meal-drink is Bulletproof Coffee. While you can buy the drink already prepared you can make it yourself easily at home. Just search online for a recipe as there are many. To keep costs low replace the MCT Oil with organic, unrefined coconut oil.

If you’re not into coffee you can make Butter Tea. It’s basically the same recipe as Bulletproof Coffee but uses tea instead.

Finally, you can drink bone broth as a meal. You can buy bone broth from the store, but it’s easy to make at home using whatever meat bones you like. You can buy meat bones from grocery stores or a local butcher for cheap and create a tasty drink in a matter of hours.

Final Tip: Consider Skipping A Meal

No, I don’t mean for you to starve yourself. What I mean, and I what I do, is intermittent fasting to help save money. (I also do it for health purposes.)

While it does take time to condition your body to get used to eating less, once you develop the habit it works pretty well. I only eat twice a day now, and I eat normal-size meals when I do. Thus, I’m saving money because I don’t have to buy as much food as I did before.

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