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Google’s Interview Process: I Can’t Help You Like I Want

When it comes to Google’s interview process for data center technicians I know there are many who want help. They search on Google to find resources to get that help. In turn, they find my blog and/or my YouTube channel because I discuss my life as a Google Data Center Technician. Then I get an email or a LinkedIn message from those individuals seeking my assistance. And…I can’t help them. I mean, I can, but not the way I want. Allow me to explain.

Google’s Interview Process Is Locked Down By NDAs

The main reason I can’t help people with Google’s interview process because I signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). That NDA states I can’t discuss the following:

  • The questions the interviewers asked
  • Specifics of the interview
  • Who the interviewers are
  • Specific job roles and expectations

That list isn’t exhaustive. I had to go and look through the paperwork I got regarding protecting confidental information when I signed my offer latter and there are more things I can’t discuss with the public. And that’s why I can’t provide more information.

If I decided to break my NDA and talk about specifics I would most-likely lose my job. And, frankly, I don’t want to lose my job so others can better prepare for their interview. If I didn’t lose my job I know my career at the company would suffer. Because management wouldn’t trust me with keeping confidental information secret. And my current job is full of confidental information that Google’s competitors would love to get their hands on.

Finally, if I was to release confidental information I know a Google representative would order me to remove it. Probably someone from their Legal Department. Would that actually happen, though? Yes. I know there are Google employees watching my videos and reading my blog posts because some of them told me. They found it while doing a search on YouTube.

So that’s why I can’t help you the way I want to. Please do not take offense to that. And thank you for understanding. Good luck with your interview!

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