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Google Gemini Prompts About The STAR Method

I believe one of the hardest parts of interviewing, no matter the industry, is the section containing behaviorial questions. These questions do not have a specific “right” answer. To help interviewees prepare for these questions many follow the Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR) Method. After questioning the AI different ways, here’s a list of Google Gemini prompts about the STAR Method to master those questions.

Google Gemini Prompts About The STAR Method

Here’s the public link to one of the Google Gemini prompts about the STAR Method to get answers for the following questions:

  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Leadership and initiative
  • Adaptability and learning

Problem-Solving And Decision Making Questions And Answers

Here’s one of the questions from the AI:

Tell me about a time you faced a challenging problem at work. How did you approach it and what was the outcome?

Let’s see how Google Gemini answers it:

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a specific answer to this question without more context about your work experience and the type of role you are interviewing for.

All right, that’s fair. I’ll provide a situation where the person is in an interview for an entry-level position at a data center. Let’s see how Google Gemini answer now:

Situation: During a routine server maintenance, I noticed a temperature sensor warning on a critical server.

Task: I was responsible for ensuring server health and preventing downtime.

Action: I researched the warning message and consulted our internal documentation. I then systematically checked the server's cooling system, identifying a clogged fan filter. I carefully cleaned the filter and monitored the temperature, which returned to normal.

Result: This prevented potential server overheating and downtime, ensuring critical business operations continued smoothly. This experience also reinforced my understanding of server cooling systems and the importance of preventative maintenance.

Now that’s a great answer! I like how the AI is able to provide an example for a person to use as a template to develop their own answer. And the above output was just one of the examples provided. Here’s the public link to the other.

Communication And Teamwork Questions And Answers

Here’s one of the questions from the AI:

Give me an example of a time when you disagreed with a coworker or colleague. How did you handle the situation and reach a resolution?

Let’s continue using the same entry-level Data Center Technician role as above to get a complete answer. Here’s the answer:

Situation: While assisting with cable management in a server rack, I disagreed with a colleague's method of bundling cables, as it could hinder airflow and potentially overheat equipment.

Your Perspective: I explained my concerns about potential safety hazards and explained alternative bundling methods that ensured proper airflow and adhered to company guidelines.

Communication and Collaboration: I calmly stated my concerns and listened to their perspective. We then jointly reviewed relevant safety protocols and consulted a supervisor for guidance.

Finding Common Ground: Together, we agreed on a solution that addressed both safety concerns and efficient cable management, implementing a modified bundling method approved by the supervisor.

Outcome: This collaborative approach not only resolved the immediate disagreement but also improved our communication and understanding of proper cable management practices.

Another great example from Google Gemini! I really like this as I’m learning some new techniques myself. And I’ve been both the interviewer and interviewee several times in my career. Again, here’s the public link to the prompt.

Leadership And Initiative Questions And Answers

Here’s one of the questions from the AI:

Tell me about a time you took initiative to improve a process or solve a problem at work. What were the results?

Let’s continue using the same entry-level Data Center Technician role as above to get a complete answer. Here’s the answer:

Situation: In my previous role, I noticed repetitive tasks involved in cable labeling and documentation for new server installations.

Initiative Taken: I suggested streamlining the process by creating a standardized labeling template and developing an online database for documenting server configurations.

Action: I collaborated with colleagues to refine the template and built the online database using readily available tools.

Results: This initiative reduced cable labeling time by 20% and improved accessibility and accuracy of server documentation. My team appreciated the efficiency gain, and the database became a valuable resource for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Learnings: This experience emphasized the importance of identifying process inefficiencies and implementing solutions to improve productivity and teamwork.

This time Google Gemini gave me two examples to use as an answer. Again, I like this because people can use both to create a template for their own experience. Here’s the public link to the prompt to see both examples.

Adaptability And Learning Questions And Answers

Here’s one of the questions from the AI:

Describe a situation where you faced a setback or failure. How did you overcome it and what did you learn from the experience?

Let’s continue using the same entry-level Data Center Technician role as above to get a complete answer. Here’s the answer:

Situation: During my previous role, I was tasked with assisting in a critical server migration. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication and a misunderstanding of specific configuration details, I accidentally disrupted a network connection, causing temporary service downtime for a small group of users.

Impact and Emotions: I felt immediate disappointment and frustration, realizing the impact on productivity and user experience. However, I remained calm and focused on resolving the issue quickly.

Response and Actions: I immediately informed my supervisor, explained the situation, and actively sought guidance and additional information. We then worked together to diagnose the issue, identify the misconfiguration, and restore the network connection promptly.

Overcoming the Setback: Through this experience, I learned the importance of double-checking configurations, clear communication with colleagues, and seeking clarification when needed. Additionally, I gained valuable experience in troubleshooting network issues and collaborating effectively under pressure.

Learnings and Growth: This setback strengthened my understanding of server migration procedures and network configurations. It also emphasized the importance of open communication, teamwork, and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

There’s only one example this time to use as a template. Here’s the public link to it.


These Google Gemini prompts about the STAR Method showcases the usefulness of AI in helping those prepare for an upcoming interview. I wouldn’t solely rely on it, but would use it in combination with reading employment articles and blog posts from reputatble websites.

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