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My Current Writing Projects

It’s time to give an update about my current writing projects because I do have two works-in-progress and another one I will begin this month.

My Current Writing Projects: A Novella & A Novel

The first of my current writing projects is a novella and a novel. Both of these are part of my creative writing life, and both of them have been in progress for quite some time. I developed the ideas for both over a couple of a years ago, at least, and spent time honing those ideas in my head. I started writing them earlier this year.

The Novella

Let’s start with the smaller of the two works-in-progress. The novella, currently titled “Acts Of The Accidental Apostle,” features time travel. However, I wanted to do something different with time travel instead of the old trope of a person using it to change the future. Instead, the protagonist in my book incorrectly travels back in time and ends up in landing in the Judea during Jesus’ preaching the gospels. The protagonist ends up meeting Jesus and follows him because he can’t leave. While the protagonist journeys with the Messiah the owner of the time machine works with the protagonist’s father to bring him back.

Regarding the progress of this book I’m close to completing first draft. However, I took a break from it due to rewriting my WordPress guide. Yet, I’m pushing myself to restart it this week!

The Novel

Let’s finish up with the larger of the two works-in-progress. The novel, currently titled “The Dead Captain’s Revenge,” is my first science fiction project. I don’t read much science fiction, let alone watch it, but I had the idea for this story and I want to see it through. The protagonist in my book was a Captain in a military organization and flew spaceships. Unfortunately, she was left for dead after a surprise attack and the military organization thought she died. However, four years later the protagonist appears and declares war on her former employer, murdering her former First Officer as the opening blow. Now the military organization scrambles to figure out how she survived, and who she partnered with to start the war, before the war fully starts.

Regarding the progress of this book I’m probably a fourth of the way done with the first draft. Just like the novella I took a break. Even if I didn’t this book takes longer to write since I have to create new worlds and species and languages and all that stuff. Thus, it takes longer for me when it comes to writing.

My Current Writing Projects: Rewriting My Second WordPress Guide

My final writing project is to rewrite my second WordPress guide currently available on Amazon. Then, just like I did with Create Your Business Website With WordPress, I will make the ebook free to read on my website.

When this book will be available I don’t know yet. I haven’t even looked at the contents to see what needs an upgrade. However, I think I can get everything finished by the end of September because I won’t be traveling for work during that month.

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