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Technical In-Person Interview: Excel With These Three Tips

I discussed in my last article about how many Technology companies switched over to virtual interviews. However, in-person interviews continue to happen. And as a former interviewer I have many tips I want to share with readers today so they can excel over the competiion and get the job. Here are three of my top tips for a successful technical in-person interview.

Tip #1 To Excel The Technical In-Person Interview: Do Your Research

Nothing shows prepardness from the interviewee for the technical in-person interview than the person showcasing their research about the company, the role, and the location. So how do you, the reader, accomplish this? By doing the following:

  • Read the latest news about the company
  • Learn as much as you can about the role from various sources
  • Visit the office location ahead of time

Read The Latest News About The Company

When I was about to interview at a company I would always check the company’s blog for their latest announcements. Because there may be a nce product or service I would get to help support if I got the job. That’s why I suggest candidates do the same.

Plus, it shows that applicant did their research. There are even employees who don’t read their company’s blog or even internal emails about a product or service launch. Interviewees can really impress their interview this way.

Finally, interviewees should get their information from various sources. Use a search engine or two. Read different news websites or blogs. Even ask an AI chatbot for help. (I suggest Bard because I’m a Google employee.)

Learn As Much As You Can About The Role From Various Sources

While I always suggst to review the job description to learn more about the role, it’s also good to use other mediums.

YouTube is a great way to learn more because there are plenty of videos from those who currently work at position XYZ at the company, or at another company. These videos explain the day-to-day tasks, and may even show a “day in the life.” Finally, the interviewee can ask the creator a question in the comments, or maybe through email or thier website if that’s a possibility.

This move will improve applicant’s odds of getting the job because they can use their new knowledge to impress their interviewer.

Visit The Office Location Ahead Of Time

Always visit the office location ahead of time so the interviewee knows where it is, see the transportation situation (especially if one has to park thier car), and what difficulities may arise (such as construction blocking a road or slowing down traffic).

It’s always best to show up ahead of time of the interview because the staff members preforming the interivew have to go back to work afterwards. If the interviewee is late that is always a bad look. Even if the issue causing their lateness was out of their control.

Tip #2 To Excel The Technical In-Person Interview: Be Yourself

This tip may take some by surprise, but it’s better if the interviewee shows their authentic self. I think sometimes candidates change their behavior thinking it’s better to pretend what they think the company wants, instead of being themselves. Unfortunately, pretending to be someone they’re not only causes problems. Because being fake always causes problems.

When I interviewed for Google I was myself. I tend to talk with my hands and go on long-winded answers at times. When I catch myself doing that I will say something like: “Okay, Brittany, you’re getting too wordy there.”

I also like to talk about funny memes and relate those to certain work situations. However, I would discuss my love for certain memes during the small-talk portion of the interview (which is usually the beginning).

Finally, I answer behavior questions honestly. Again, being fake or lying is not the way to go. Many times interviewees lie poorly and the interviewer realizes it. I know I would, and that hurts their chances to get the role.

Final Tip: Come With Questions

Please, please, please, please ask questions during the technical in-person interview. When I wouldn’t get asked a question by interviewees I would always ask them again and provide some sample questions. That would sometimes work, and they would ask a question or two, but sometimes it didn’t. And that always confused me. I really couldn’t believe they wouldn’t have a question for me or about the company.

This is the best time for interviewees to interview us at the company. And they’re not going to get another chance.

And don’t just ask nice and easy questions. Ask the interviewer what they don’t like about working at the company. Ask what are some difficulties working in the role, or on the team, or even at the company. Candidates need to make sure the role and the company is right for them.

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