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Technical Virtual Interview Tips From A Former Interviewer

Due to many reasons, but mostly due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, more Tech Industry companies switched from a technical in-person interview to a technical virtual interview using Zoom or Google Meet. When I interviewed for Google back in 2023 it was all done via Google Meet. While this switch is beneficial for many interviewees, some of them do not know how to act professionally during one. Thus, they end up losing out on a good role because of their actions. As a former interviewer I want to make sure you don’t repeat the following mistakes.

Turn On The Webcam For The Technical Virtual Interview

I know this tip is going to rub some interviewees the wrong way, but it’s important that the hiring manager or the staff member can see a face during the technical virtual interview so turn on the webcam!

When I interviewed individuals I would focus not only their answers, but also their body language. I could tell when a person was nervous, and I worked hard to help that person relax. Or if I came across an interviewee who was smug, then I would readjust my questions to help reduce that smugness. However, this doesn’t work if I can’t see the person because their webcam isn’t on. At that point the only thing I can judge an interviewee on is their voice.

That’s why many interviewers like for their applicants to turn on their webcam. They want to see a face and body langauge to aid their hiring decisions than just using answers alone. Because interviewees can – and do – cheat during the interview.

This happens when the interviewee has to perform a task, like wriitng code or answering technical questions. With the webcam off the interviewee can have another person on the call to produce the answers so the person can give them to the hiring manager or the staff member.

The final reason to turn on the webcam is to not offend the hiring manager or the staff member running the interview. They want to put a face to the applicant’s name.

Dress Professional For The Technical Virtual Interview

While it’s nice to interview from the comfort of one’s home, an interviewee cannot get too comfortable when it comes to their attire. That means no pajamas!

It’s best to dress professionally as one would for an in-person interview. If the reader isn’t sure how to dress professionally for an interview this website provides great tips.

Finally, I suggest wearing the proper bottoms just in case the person has to stand up.

Choose A Professional Location

My final tip for a successful technical virtual interview is to choose a professional location.

Just as I suggested in my phone interview article interviewees need to choose a quiet and neutral-looking background to have the interview. It’s best to choose a location that is a plain wall or something that won’t be jarring to the interview.

If that’s not doable then blur out the background, or choose an alternate background in the meeting software. Zoom and Google Meet provide that option.

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