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Carnivore Diet On a Budget

When people discover I eat primarily meat they tend to ask if my way of eating is expensive. Some are interested in trying out my diet but fear the costs will blow their food budget. I totally understand. Meat, fish, and seafood is expensive but eating this way won’t increase your food costs that much. Why? Because there’s all types of tasty but cheap cuts of meat to eat. You don’t have to eat expensive rib-eyes or salmon everyday. So keep reading for tips on how to follow the Carnivore Diet on a budget.

Carnivore Diet On A Budget: Beef Options

I love beef, and you probably do too. As the old commercial states “Beef: It’s what for dinner.” Unfortunately, out of all the meat, fish, and seafood in this article beef is going to be the most expensive one to buy. Mostly because people tend to choose the costly cuts of steaks, like T-bone or rib-eyes. So how can you continue to eat beef and follow the Carnivore Diet on a budget? By choosing the following inexpensive cuts:

Ground Beef

Ground beef is always a good option for beef lovers because of its low price and versatility. You can make burgers, taco meat, meatballs, and much more. There are some meat-eaters who mix it with scrambled eggs. To help your budget choose the fatter options like 80/20. You can buy 73/27 to save even more money but I tend to find that ratio too fatty for me. You may like it, however, so buy a small pack and try it out.


Another good option is roasts. You can buy different types for a low price. However, this cut of meat is meat for slow cooking. That’s because these cuts have more connective tissue and require a longer cooking time at a lower temperature. That’s why some smoke these or cook them in a slow-cooker. Yet, you can use your oven if you set it to a low temperature (like 275 degrees F).


This tip may be a little too out there for some but if you want to follow the Carnivore Diet on a budget and eat beef consider adding organs to your diet. Beef live is nutritious and cheap. You can buy it frozen or fresh, depending on the store. You can also consider eating the kidneys, tongue, or even the brain. Out of the three I prefer the tongue because cooked slowly it tastes fantastic!

Carnivore Diet On A Budget: Pork Options

I love pork, and you probably do too! Although pork is the other white meat it is usually more expensive than chicken. Especially bacon, which has shot up in price in recent months. So how can you follow the Carnivore Diet on a budget and eat pork? Let review some inexpensive cuts.

Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin is very economical and has so many uses. Buying an entire tenderloin allows you to cut it into pork chops. You can cut these chops as thick or thin as you want. Or you could cut up the tenderloin into strips or chunks and ether cook them into a stew or stir-fry them.


Ham is not just for the holidays. If you can find one, especially a bone-in ham, on sale then buy it because it has so many uses too. You can smoke it, bake it, or even fry it. I usually bake a ham and slice it up to eat hot or cold. And one decent-sized ham can provide days of meals depending on the number of people you need to feed.

Pork Shoulder

Pork shoulder is my favorite pork cut. Not only can cook it in various ways, it also provides meat for several meals. I love to either smoke or bake a pork shoulder and turn it into pulled pork.

Carnivore Diet On A Budget: Chicken Options

I don’t love chicken as much as I love the other meat, fish, and seafood but I will still eat it. And it’s usually the cheapest option. All of the cuts of chicken are going to be cheap except chicken wings. That’s because everyone loves chicken wings. If you’re looking for the cheapest cuts of chicken that would be leg quarters, chicken livers, and eggs.

Carnivore Diet On A Budget: Fish & Seafood Options

While I love fish and seafood I don’t eat it as much as I would like because of its cost. These types usually rival beef when it comes to price. Let’s review some inexpensive options.

Canned Fish

I love various types of canned fish, usually wild-caught sardines and wild-caught salmon. I can eat them various ways and they are pretty nutritious. Beside those you can buy canned oysters, mackerel, clams, and anchovies to name a few.

Frozen Fish

Some frozen fish are going to be a cheap way to eat fish and seafood without breaking the bank. I’ve found wild-caught mahi mahi, cod, and salmon frozen at decent prices. While frozen fish may not have the best texture when compared to fresh or never-frozen fish, the taste isn’t affected.

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