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Time For My Return

It’s time for my return, everyone!

Yep, after taking a two and a half month break from posting any new content onto my website and my YouTube channel due to my new job I’m back! As of July 10th, 2023 I will post a new article or new articles every Monday at 9 AM EST.

Why Is Now The Time For My Return?

It’s time for my return because I’m two months into my new job. My manager gave me my expectations. I know what my schedule is going to be for the next two months (probably). And there’s so much to discuss about data centers now due to the explosion of AI. Thus, I’m missing out giving my thoughts about that news to my readers. Finally, if I stay too long away I won’t resume my writing here and I don’t want that to happen.

Now, let me explain what my focus will be on going forward.

Will I Discuss My Current Job?

No, mostly because of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) I signed upon accepting the job offer. I don’t want to lose my great job because I wanted to impress certain people online, or talk about some cool stuff I’m working on. In addition to the NDA, I don’t have the authority to discuss the work I do since it’s niche and contains proprietary information. Doing so could not only hurt my company and its profits because its competitors can use that information to improve, but I also don’t want to hurt the countless numbers of employees working on the project.

What About My Previous Role?

I will continue to discuss my time working at the Twitter data center in Atlanta. I’m currently going through my memories to see what is worthy to discuss. And I may discuss the new changes going on with the company’s data centers because it’s wild, to say the least.

Will I Talk About Writing?

Yep, I’ll talk about my creative writing efforts because I’m currently writing a bunch. So I will discuss my works-in-progress and my plans for when I will finish up with those.

What’s Going On With The Site?

Since it’s time for my return it’s also time to refresh the design of the site. It’s gotten old in my eyes and I want to do something different.

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