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Charcoal Grilling: The Only Way To Grill

In this post I express my love for charcoal grilling. In my opinion this is the only way to grill. Not only is it fun to setup the grill with the chimney and charcoal, the briquets impart such a fantastic yet unique taste to the food.

Why I Love Charcoal Grilling

Unlike cooking in the house, I have to prepare when it comes to charcoal grilling. And I thoroughly enjoy it.

I prepare to grill a few days prior by prepping my meat. Usually I have meat already in the freezer or the fridge. If it’s in the freezer then I take the meat out a few days prior so it has enough time to totally defrost in the fridge. Yet, there are times I need to go buy more because more people are coming over. (This usually happens because if you grill meat, people will come.)

Other time I buy more meat because the store has an awesome sale on a particular cut. Sometimes I’m not looking for additional meat to buy but I come across some while in the store for another item.

Then comes the day when it’s time to grill. It’s like Christmas Day for me because I’m all giddy and excited to get started. I go out to my black 22-inch Weber Kettle Premium Grill and inspect it. I need to make sure nothing is wrong with my grill. Then I take the lid off, hang it off the side of the grill using the hook on the underside of the lid, and take the top rack off, which I hang off the other side of the grill.

Next, I place a firestarter onto the bottom rack and place the charcoal chimney over it. I fill the chimney with briquets to the top because I’m gonna cook alotta meat! Finally, I light it with my extended lighter and watch the flames travel all around the firestarter. I usually sit or stand around and watch the smoke lazily snake up into the sky as the flames light up the bottom briquets. Eventually, the smoke becomes thicker, filling the surrounding area with that familiar smell. You know the one: That someone is charcoal grilling. To say I love this smell is an understatement.

When the coals are gray I dumped them out of the chimney onto the bottom rack, replace the top rack and lid. It’s time to let the heat build up inside.

While that happens I go back into my home and get the meat I’m going to grill. Depending on what I’m cooking I’ll apply salt and pepper. I don’t see the need to use a bunch of different seasonings when salt and pepper works so well. Plus, I want to taste the meat, not the spices.

So I bring my meat outside to the grill, take off the lid, release a blast of heat and aromas of previous grilling. I place the meat onto the top rack with my tongs, hearing that wondering sizzle. Once all the meat is on the grill I go back into the house to clean up the dishes used and get something to drink. I don’t stay inside long because I want to watch the grill. I’m usually not alone out there as one of two family members or friends join me to stare at the grill and talk.

And that’s why I love charcoal grilling.

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