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Free WordPress Guide Updates Coming Soon

“Create Your Business Website With WordPress” is getting some major updates! Yep, my free WordPress guide updates are coming soon. Although I previously announced making my paid guide now free for the entire world to read, I’m going to make some major changes to it. All in improving the product, and helping those create a business website.

Why The Free WordPress Guide Updates?

While converting the text into Markdown and HTML format I read through my guide. And I wasn’t happy with some sections. Other sections needed changes due to improvements in the WordPress software. This stopped me from converting the text and I thought about my next moves. For a couple of days I decided the best path for my guide and I finally settled on rewriting it. Yes, this requires more time on my part because I have to do more research and write new text but it’s the only way to release a product that can help the public. Plus, my name and reputation are on this guide.

Will The Guide Stay Free?

Yep, “Create Your Business Website With WordPress” will stay free to read. I will release the updated guide on my GitHub account AND on my blog as a series of posts. So people have two ways to read it!

When Will The Free WordPress Guide Updates Release?

I don’t have a specific release date for the free WordPress guide updates. Right now I’m traveling for work so I write after work. And I don’t head straight to my hotel after my work day ends as I do get in a workout session and go eat dinner. In addition, I do like to wind down with watching YouTube videos and reading. However, I’m going to put in the effort to have the updates done before I return from my work trip which is early August. Again, I rather not put a date out there just in case I don’t meet it. What I will suggest is to subscribe to my website as that’s the best way to stay informed about release dates.

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