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Sugar Cravings On The Carnivore Diet

Here's how I handle sugar cravings while on the Carnivore Diet, because there will come a time when I want something sweet to eat.

It doesn’t matter if I’ve been on the Carnivore Diet for a few weeks or a few months, I will get a sugar craving. It could be a hankering for cookies, or the desire for a bowl of ice cream. What do I do when that happens? Below are the lessons I’ve learned while fighting these cravings, and I want to pass those along to anyone else seeking sugar.

Sugar Cravings On The Carnivore Diet: Calm It With Water

When it comes to sugar cravings on the Carnivore Diet a good way to calm cravings is to drink water.

That’s what I do if I want to eat some candy or enjoy a treat. And the colder the water the better it tastes and satisfies me. Some people I know prefer room temperature water. Whatever temperature you like just have it available when temptation hits.

The reason why this works because this craving can be due to hunger. We tend to confuse thirst with hunger, and reach for food when we should reach for a drink. Another reason this works is because we switch our focus from eating that treat to sipping water. This way we still get to put something in our mouth, which is probably what we wanted in the first place.

Sugar Cravings On The Carnivore Diet: Go Do Something

When it comes to a sugar craving on the Carnivore Diet a good way to deal with it is to go do something. That could be taking a walk outside, or work on a hobby.

For me I like to read a book or call someone I haven’t talk to for awhile to have a conversation. Doing this takes my mind off of the yearning for that piece of cake or pie. And as long as that feeling sticks around I continue to do something to make myself forget about it.

Eat A Piece Of Fatty Meat

The hankering for sugar can be a sign I haven’t eaten enough fat. Thus, I’m still hungry. When this happens I like to eat some bacon or ground beef or another cut of fatty meat. Why? Because fat satiates. Thus, it will erase all those sugar cravings.

For a quick resolution for this tip it’s good to keep some no-sugar beef jerky or biltong in the house. That way you don’t have to spend time cooking up a piece of meat and can cure your sweet tooth fast.

Dark Chocolate Can Save The Day

If I really need to eat something sweet then dark chocolate is a good choice. However, I choose a dark chocolate that contains about 80% to 90% cacao. That has a low amount of sugar and is not too bitter. I tend to purchase the Sam’s Choice 90% Dark Chocolate as it fits both of the aforementioned qualities.

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